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Review: The Mentalist, “Pink Tops” (S4E8)


I’m on the fence about this episode.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good, either.

What was up with that opening club scene?  For a second, I thought I had the wrong show.  (One of the CSI‘s, perhaps?)

Disconnect between the printed page and the costume department:  Jane points out that the victim has a sports bra on.  But that was so not a sports bra (more like a pushup).  Also, I found it hard to believe that Summer picks up upscale clients in a hotel bar with the getup she had on.

Disconnect between the printed page and the casting department:   Jane refers to the victim as a tomboy, who can’t walk in heels or apply nail polish properly, but she was obviously sporting some breast implants.  Also, I’m supposed to believe that Summer made Cho smile twice?  On the printed page, I can see how her lines could be disarming.  But the actress’ performance of said lines?  Not so much.

Wait.  Cho smiled?  Twice?  Most we’ve seen in one episode, I think.

What’s with Rigsby’s thing for prostitutes?  Last season, he went nuts for Roxy and sat in on Cho’s interrogation of her.  And now, he’s buying Summer all kinds of snacks and telling her his first name.  Isn’t he still dating that lawyer he met last season?

Yay!  The return of the iPad product placement.  Haven’t seen an iPad on the show in ages.  (Since the season three finale, I think.)

That’s messed up, Cho:  “We’re fine.  Jane’s screwed.”

Really, Cho?  Cho’s making Summer an informant?  Crap.  That means that we have to see her again.  I hope that the actress, who plays her, pays a few visits to an acting coach before then.  I also hope that Cho pays her in food, because that girl needs to eat.

Disconnect between the episode and reality:  Cho pulled out the informant paperwork Summer needed to sign out in the open at the bar.  Is he blowing her cover before she even starts?  Also, would a drug dealer, who we established is all about respect, use “Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe” to decide who to kill first in front of his subordinates?  I don’t think so.

Gross romantic tension:  Between Cho and Summer.  So forced.  It made me uncomfortable.

Was it just me?  I was waiting for someone to tell Lalo, the victim’s husband, that the condoms his wife’s cousin found in her pocket were for work (for waterproofing drug samples and whatnot) and that she wasn’t cheating.  But no dice.  Perhaps the writer forgot about it.  Or we’re supposed to think that he trusted his wife and never believed her cousin’s accusations (he did kick the cousin out, after all).

Wait for it…  There was one mention of Red John at the end.  But Jane expertly dodged further discussion on the subject.  Maybe we’ll get to it next episode?

Overall:  This was better than some of the other episodes this season (the one with Lisbon’s brother was especially painful), but definitely not as good as last week’s.

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